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We have a vision for Michigan’s future. A future of cleaner, greener energy, where you have more choices about how to use energy and how to save it. So with your input we created our Clean Energy Plan – a road map for protecting the environment and embracing innovative, affordable energy solutions. By 2040, we plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions and meet 90 percent of Michigan’s energy needs with clean resources. But we can’t do it without you.

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We’re exploring ways to make the Clean Energy Plan even stronger. Click the button below to view our virtual open houses on topics like wind and solar power, protecting our environment, building a smarter power grid and what you can do to help.

Explore the Possibilities at Home

If we work together we can create a future of reliable clean energy and protect the environment we love. You can help by adopting energy efficient programs and products to lower your energy use and your bill.

Explore the Possibilities at Your Business

Your business’ energy profile and commitment to the environment matter to your customers. We offer rebates and programs that can help you run more efficiently, save money and deliver the clean energy profile your customers are looking for.

Solar Power Without Installing Panels

Our innovative Solar Gardens program is an easy way to join the movement to clean energy. By subscribing to a 'block' of solar energy, you can tap the sun's energy benefits without a major investment.

Our Clean Energy Plan at a Glance

Net Zero Emissions

Our plan puts us on course to eliminate the impact of carbon emissions created by the electricity we generate or purchase for customers.

Smarter Energy

New technologies such as battery storage and grid modernization will serve you more efficiently and reduce demand for electricity.

Cutting Coal

As an important part of our transition to clean energy sources, all coal-fired plants will be retired by 2040.

More Control & Savings for You

We’ll lower the need to build new, large power plants by giving you the power to reduce energy waste and lower your bill both at home and for your business.

More Renewable Energy

We’ll meet 90 percent of your energy needs with clean resources, including the addition of about 6,000 megawatts of solar power.

Flexible Strategy

We can respond to emerging needs of our customers, adapt to changing conditions in Michigan and embrace new technology — instead of betting on a big power plant.

How We’re Moving to Clean and Green

Eliminating Coal. Increasing Renewable Energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Consumers Energy create a Clean Energy Plan?
  • We developed a Clean Energy Plan, also known as an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), as part of the energy law Michigan adopted in 2016. The plan is a long-term tool for supplying affordable, reliable energy to customers throughout the state.
  • We created the forecast of Michigan’s energy future using a variety of assumptions about factors such as market prices, energy demand and levels of clean energy resources, including wind, solar, demand response and energy efficiency.
  • The plan is intended to guide our major strategic decisions and help lay the foundation for how we serve customers for years to come.
  • This plan embodies our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet and prosperity and our “clean and lean” generation strategy of moving away from coal.
  • We can balance customer affordability and environmental protection — we don’t have to choose between the two.
  • The plan projects electricity prices will continue to be lower than the rate of inflation throughout the plan period.
  • We do what’s right, not merely what’s required to protect Michigan’s air, water and land.
What is included in the Clean Energy Plan?
Transition to zero coal

  • We plan to retire the Karn 1 and 2 coal-fired generating units near Bay City in 2023 — about eight years earlier than the end of their design lives in 2031.
  • Two additional coal-fired units, Campbell 1 and 2 near Holland, would retire at the end of their design lives in 2031, along with Karn 3 and 4 (which run on natural gas and fuel oil and generally are used to meet peak demand).
  • A third coal-fired unit, Campbell 3, equipped with state-of-the-art air quality control systems, would be retired by 2040.
  • This will help us end coal use for electric generation and puts us on the path to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

More renewable energy

  • We plan to add 550 megawatts of wind.
  • We’re planning 6,000 megawatts of solar energy with a ramp-up throughout the 2020s to prepare for additional coal retirements and expiring power purchase agreements. The additional solar capacity will be a mix of owned and purchased.
  • The plan sets renewable energy targets of: 42 percent by 2030; and 56 percent by 2040.
  • The plan will meet 90 percent of customers’ needs with clean energy resources.

More energy solutions

  • Tools such as energy efficiency and demand response and grid optimization will take on a more significant role in our generation portfolio as we retire coal plants and replace expiring power purchase agreements.
  • We will help customers lower their energy use by 2 percent per year going forward, which is one of the most aggressive energy efficiency investments anywhere in the country.
  • We will ramp up demand response programs, which help customers to use energy at the right times to manage Michigan’s energy demand and optimize the power grid. These virtual “power plants” will help us reduce energy demand and manage customer load efficiently and effectively, lowering our need to build new power plants over the next several years.
What isn't included in the Clean Energy Plan?
Proposed construction of new fossil fuel power plants.
Will the plan have an impact on energy affordability?
We are committed to maintaining affordable, competitive energy costs for all of our customers. It was a top priority as we forecasted Michigan’s future energy needs and how to meet them.

  • The Clean Energy Plan maintains affordability while providing the energy customers need to light their homes and power their businesses.
  • We expect renewable energy costs to continue to decrease.
  • Demand management tools give customers the power to save energy and lower their bills.
  • Our projected annual rate increases remain below inflation.
What happens now?
The MPSC approved our Clean Energy Plan in June 2019, confirming that we’ve developed the most reasonable and prudent strategy to serve our customers. But that’s not the end of the story. The Clean Energy Plan is designed with the flexibility to adapt to changing economic and industry conditions as well as advances in energy-related technology. We’ll keep using the state’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) process to ensure our plan remains the best for Michigan in the years to come. That means staying attuned to public input, exploring new possibilities and continually updating our forecast.
How can I participate?

There are many ways you can help us make Michigan’s clean energy future a reality.

Click here for ways you can help at home.

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The Power is in Your Hands

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